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Sauna Deco – Dutch detox

So you want to experience Dutch culture all the way. Then there’s one thing you should consider: going to a sauna. If you’re in Amsterdam and want to make this venture also an aesthetical one, Sauna Deco is your address. You might have guessed it: this is an art-deco experience. Around stained glass, wood paneling and a gold-plated interior you’ll feel like you’re back in the ’20s.

I am a sauna enthusiast, a practice I’ve learned from the locals. It grants me with a precious feeling of relaxation, especially when I’m trying to make it through winter. The Dutch are not known for their puritanism and, historically, Amsterdam has been the place to break free. So, do not bring your swimming gear with you. Over here, it goes without saying that saunas are naked. No, no-one gives a monkey’s. Try it; it’s freeing.

This practice makes you steam out the toxins out of that carcass — you just do absolutely nothing in that freekin’ hot environment that smells like heaven. Once the heat reaches its peak, you go and stand under the cold showers – some of them are like waterfalls. If cold waters sound like a pain you’d never inflict yourself, trust me, you’ll reconsider for the simple fact that you’ll be feeling like a pressure cooker. You might choose to dive into the pool instead. I promise you that this recipe hot-cold-hot-cold is going to inject you with energy. Life won’t seem all that grey anymore. You’ll rejoice.

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Herengracht 115, Amsterdam

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Mon - Sat 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 13:00 - 19:00


Entrance: € 25


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