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Athens Clue – Can you escape?

You are in a room of an old building with your friends. A crime has happened here. A detective was found dead, and the killer is undoubtedly among the five possible suspects. While looking for clues behind the velvet armchairs, under the old typewriter and on the chalk drawing on the wooden floor, a locked drawer pulls your attention. Welcome to the live escape game of Athens Clue.

Athens Clue started operating in 2013 and is now the talk of the town. Four rooms, four different puzzles. One of those, the Taken, was made especially for Greece while the other three scenarios are popular abroad. In John Monroe a detective has been murdered and you have five main suspects for the murder and 60 minutes to solve the mystery and get out of the room. In Taken, two children, Peter and Miranda have been kidnapped. There is a prime suspect, an address and 50 minutes to find the kids and escape with them. In the Lost Statues of Knossos, an archaeologist Jack Travis, disappeared. The only thing you have is a ticket from Athens to Knossos, five stolen statues and 70 minutes to solve the puzzle. Finally, in Lev Pasted Laboratory you have the calendar of mysterious doctor Lev Pasted, five blood samples and 60 minutes to find out the true identity of the doctor and escape.

I have visited it only once and unfortunately I hadn’t solved the mystery. I am sure I’ll visit it again and again. See you there!

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Diocharous 11, Athens

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Mon - Fri 15:30 - 22:00, Sat - Sun 13:00 - 22:00


3 person team: € 45


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