Lipasmata of Drapetsona Athens

Image by Marilena Salamanou

Lipasmata of Drapetsona – Ex-factory, now a park!

Drapetsona (check the article!) is the industrial area of Athens, located close to the port of Piraeus. In the last couple of years, an ex- factory – the famous factory of “Lipasmata Drapetsonas” – has been turned into a park. This park overlooks the sea and the entrance of the port where you can watch the big ships entering the port. This picture is amazing and has been for me one of the most beautiful moments I can have during my urban summer. Especially at sunset, when the sun dives into the sea!

You can visit the park for a drink/coffee served at the canteen while relaxing or reading your book. Also, if you are looking for an open space for your kids to play around, or even if you are into the mood to play basketball, there it is possible! 

This park is something revolutionary for me: these neighbourhoods of Piraeus where I grew up never had a park where people could enjoy their daily life, so somehow it is a bit like reclaiming the open space again! 

You can reach the place by trolleybus number 20, which you can catch outside the train station of Piraeus. And, if you are a lover of ice cream, this walk can be combined with “the best ice cream in the world” at Pavlakis (check out Dimitris’ article). It is about 30 minutes on foot from here!

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Grigoriou Lampraki 2, Athens

Opening Times

10:00 - 22:00 daily



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