Armenian Vartanants Church Beirut

Image by Rayan Ezzeddine

Armenian Vartanants Church – A piece of Armenia

So why have I chosen this as one of the must-see spots in Beirut? I chose this spot because I believe those who come to Lebanon need to understand Lebanon’s history in many different ways. 

This Armenian Vartanants Church is located in Bourj Hammoud, also known as Little Armenia, where the majority of Armenian refugees, now immigrants/Lebanese citizens, have lived since way before the 1960s. In other words, it would be really interesting to see the Armenian vibe in Beirut and their restaurants, amazing food, stores, churches etc.

Moreover, this church looks similar to the churches in Armenia, so I personally found it really interesting to see a replicate of an Armenian church in Bourj Hammoud that represents the Armenians and their neighborhood. It is like you are visiting another country, yet still walking around Beirut.

While walking around Bourj Hammoud, you will see a lot of Armenian names and writings and the church can be seen from the highway so you simply can’t miss it!

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Bourj Hammoud, Beirut

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24 hours daily
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