Beyt Sirena Beirut

Image by Lidija Liegis

Beyt Sirena – Ras Beirut dining spot

BEYt Sirena is a coffeeshop and restaurant in Ras Beirut, one of my favourite parts of old Beirut. I love the vast floor-to-ceiling windows, and the calming space which is teeming with plants. There’s also a beautiful outdoor terrace for soaking up Beirut’s many sunny days. It’s a peaceful corner of the city right by the old lighthouse and just a few minutes’ walk away from the sea. Every aspect of this place has been thought out, from the midnight blue espresso cups, to the delicate vases with colourful flowers placed on each table.

My favourite drink is the sahlab, a sweet, warming drink made of milk, mastic and sahlab, a powder that comes from the tubers of orchids, as well as flavours of rose water and orange blossom. It’s all topped with cinnamon, and best consumed on a stormy winter’s day or cooler evening. There are also lots of dining options, from eggs and cakes, to salads, and Indian food in the evenings.

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VFXG+83F, Beirut

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 09:30 - 23:00


Coffee: LBP 50000

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