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Historically, the kaake has always been the cheap type of bread that is bought by the common people. During the 1940s in Beirut, kids used to wait on their house’s balconies for the sign of the kaake seller to walk on the streets and call out loud to notify the people about the kaake coming. He used to store them in a large cloth while holding wooden trolley, then he’d stop to put them on it to display the kaak. Suddenly, everyone would be crowded around him to buy one either plain or with thyme and sumac.

However, with time the wooden trolley evolved to incle a heater to add cheese inside the kaake as well. Then stores started opening to sell this famous piece of bread. Noting that originally, it was invented in Tripoli, Lebanon and then adopted in 1940 inside Beirut city.

Edds n’ Eddy’s has been known for their kaake that is full of flavors. You can have it with cheese, beef, and many more options.

They have been open in Furn Lshebbek, Beirut long enough that you’d see a crowd next to their kiosk at night to satisfy different people’s cravings. I literally like everything they serve, their kaake, baked potatoes, and crepes. But you should try their soujouk baked potato, basterma and cheese or soujouk and cheese kaake.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling street food experience, Edds n’ Eddy’s is a must!

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Samira from Beirut

Samira Ezzo photo

I am a reflective wanderer who turns her encounters into stories...

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Eddy’s Street Food, Beirut

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24 hours daily


Baked potato: LBP 55000

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