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Samira from Beirut

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Located in the Zarif neighborhood, close to Hamra in Beirut, Falafel Abou Nabil is the best falafel you could ever taste in Beirut. And trust me, I did try a lot of falafel shops and nothing hits my tastebuds with the fresh ingredients and tasty falafels like those served at Abou Nabil & Sons.

It all started with the grandpa Abou Nabil, who decided to open a wooden falafel kiosk in 1958 which turned into a hut, and finally a shop in 1975. This third-generation shop that kept on operating during most of the Lebanese War from 1975-1990, and is still running by the family itself is persistent enough to be still open against all odds.

Let’s get to the food for now, shall we? The small falafel sandwich has 3 pieces of falafel, while the big one has 5 pieces, served with their perfectly balanced tahini sauce and freshly cut vegetables. And what is a falafel sandwich without the juicy pickled green hot peppers that are served for free and always lying in a pot on the counter?!

For the ambiance, Abou Nabil & Sons shop has 2 bar seats indoors, and you can enjoy eating your sandwich standing outside surrounded by a residential local scene, or you can order for takeaway. However, don’t miss on observing the homemade colorful jarred pickles that surround the walls of the shop with scene of the fried falafels on spot.

If you have not tried Abou Nabil & Sons yet, you’re missing out. It’s an experience of its own!

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Samira from Beirut

Samira Ezzo photo

I am a reflective wanderer who turns her encounters into stories...

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Sanayeh, Beirut

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Mon - Sat 11:00 - 20:00


Falafel sandw.: LBP 50000

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