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Passion Juice – Cocktails out of this world

If you feel like experiencing something local, tasty, sweet and healthy, then it is the time for a cocktail 🙂 Fruit cocktails are a part of Lebanese folklore — you will find juice bars all over Lebanon. Usually they are connected to a “khodra” (vegetable) store, where they get all the fresh ingredients from.

I remember when I first had my cocktail, I considered it a dessert after lunch, but ouff, it is actually much more than that — it is a meal! I would recommend it for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

My favorite place is Passion Juice by Beit Moussalem: they are clean, having high-quality fruits and vegetables, and their cocktails are not too sweet (you can actually modify it and ask them to prepare one without honey or milk…)

So, what are we talking about here? Basically, you can choose from different classic fresh fruit juices (orange, mango, pomegranate, carrot…). The specialties are either cocktail, which is pieces of fruit mixed with nuts, honey & ashta (a kind of cottage cheese) or a juice cocktail made with milk and various fruits (mango, pineapple, strawberry, banana), you can add honey nuts and ashta.

I would put into your consideration to avocado cocktail. Me, as a European, I’m used to salty avocado, guacamole style. Here you’ll get a thick avocado juice, or mash, sweetened with honey (asha and nuts are great choice with it). Mmmmm I think I’m going to order delivery right now :)!

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