Aleksandar Club Ski Track Belgrade

Image by Mateja Ivanis

Aleksandar Club Ski Track – Best view in Belgrade

I always thought that if you want to see some city as it really is, you must go out of the city center. We can open a discussion about what the city center is, is it the soul of the city, the most expensive part, the most visited, or the favorite touristic area? Whatever it is, Aleksandar club is not in it. It is in one of Belgrade’s woods, Košutnjak, near the race track (Trim staza).

I must mention here our late radio presenter great Djoko Vještica who worked in radio Studio B. He was the heart & soul of this city during the ’80s. His idea was to make the first ski track in Belgrade.

And I am in a dilemma: is it better to visit Aleksandar club during summer or winter? Because in the summer days, Aleksandar club offers one of the best views in Belgrade, not to mention the shade of the trees or the evening breeze. On the other hand, there is a great winter atmosphere, especially if there is snow, all the objects made of wood, and the mulled wine with cinnamon and slice of orange, or, if you don’t like wine there is always hot chocolate.

I think that we are lucky to have Aleksandar Club, together with the Košutnjak woods, it reminds us that Belgrade belongs to Šumadija, for me the most beautiful region of Serbia.

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Kneza Višeslava 17, Belgrade

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10:00 - 01:00 daily


Mulled wine: RSD 190

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