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Nedeljko Ivaniš (1969)

About me
I am of the ’69 generation, in soul much younger, born in, living in, and love Belgrade, married, two children.

I finished College for tourism but never worked in that industry, have 20 years of experience in foreign trade companies (6 to be precise). Well, enough is enough; I am back to my everlasting passion: working with travelers, writing, cooking, photography. Biking is my most wanted hobby. I explore my own country, and I think it is a good start to explore the world. And, yes, lest I forget, to jump from an airplane before I die!

Why Belgrade
Belgrade has a lot of flaws, and honestly you can find a better city to live in, but be careful, if it catches you, you are captured forever. And please don’t try to explain why you can’t break free, it’s unspeakable.

Mornings biking on Ada Ciganlija and Danube key is something worth living.

Belgrade always offers new spots, new bars, new clubs to meet old friends. And it is always on the way, trying to stay in race with European metropolises. For me, my white city is the European metropolis.

The parks & woods are the landmarks of Belgrade, I adore walking and meditating through Kosutnjak. The history of my city is amazing and inspiring, even if it is about some hard times. And yes, we are one day looking to the west and another to the east, but both days we are looking forward.

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