Savska Promenada Belgrade

Image by Mateja Ivaniš

Savska Promenada – New Sava riverbank

Savska promenada (Sava promenade) is a brand-new walking zone on the bank of the river Sava. For those who are in Belgrade for the first time, one of the main landmarks of the city are the two rivers, Sava and Danube. The confluence is like a jackpot; not so many cities have the privilege to grow on such a spot.

The interesting thing about the Sava promenade, besides the great walking and biking track, is the controversial Belgrade Waterfront, a new exclusive living & business zone which is near the new promenade.

Many old school architects share the opinion that this part of Belgrade should stay in its original look or that the new structures should be in the style of old Belgrade.

For outsiders in the area, the new promenade is really something great to pump up your brain cells, and if you like, your muscles too. You can rent a bike at a couple of spots, or just walk. After the Branko bridge, you will reach the Concrete hall or further to confluence and Danube’s bank.

The promenade is modern; there are a few terraces over Sava, and it feels good to chill out above the water. Also, there is a children’s playground, a volleyball terrain and an open gym.

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Belgrade Waterfront, Belgrade

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24 hours daily


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