Legat Petar Lubarde Belgrade

Image by Jovana Ivaniš

Legat Petar Lubarde – Petar Lubarda’s legacy

To be honest, when my wife told me that we should visit the Heritage House of Petar Lubarda, our late painter, I was not thrilled. I didn’t know much about Petar Lubarda’s work and generally, I don’t know much about the art of painting. But if you are married you know that sometimes it’s best to do what you are told… (if you’re not married, skip the previous sentence!)

So we went. My grumbling in the car stopped just after we approached the House — a villa in the beautiful Dedinje, at a hidden place, completely renovated with style. For me it was enough: I was delighted, calm, peaceful and it was a sunny day, and a villa with lot of green in the yard immediately evoked old Belgrade in my mind in its full glory.

But it was only a start, till the end of the visit I was at the same time embarrassed and proud — embarrassed because I didn’t know of Petar and his amazing paintings, and proud because I live in the same city where Petar lived and which he loved so much.

There are no words to describe his paintings, you must see them.

This is a perfect spot, you will taste five Belgrade cakes in just one slice, so don’t miss it! I am starting to envy you, since you will feel & see for the first time Dedinje and Senjak, Užicka street, Petar Lubarda’s Heritage House, walking through Hyde park, eating in Pizzeria Dvorište…

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Iličićeva 1, Belgrade

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Tue - Sun 10:00 - 17:00


Ticket: RSD 200


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