Byford's Forest Belgrade

Image by Mateja Ivaniš

Byford’s Forest – Forest for birdwatching

As we all know, your local host or new friends are grateful if you show some interest in their city. But if you want to astonish them than it would be excellent if you knew some important names from their history. And I don’t mean ancient history, I mean people who shaped Belgrade as it is now. Certainly, if you speak about Timothy John Byford you can’t go wrong. Timothy was born in UK, worked for BBC then fell in love and became a citizen of Belgrade. During the ’80s, his influence with his TV children’s series on many generations was enormous.

Timothy is not with us any more, but during his life, he very much enjoyed walking through the Banjica forest and was a passionate watcher of the birds nesting in the treetops. Today this forest is named after Timothy, Byford’s Forest, and has special government protection. It’s a great walking zone in quite peaceful environment.

Near the forest, you can find public swimming pool “Banjica”, where our great water polo club Partizan practices, tennis courts and an excellent closed gym.

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Bulevar Oslobođenja, Belgrade

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24 hours daily


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