Čobanov Odmor Belgrade

Image by Jelena Tasić

Čobanov Odmor – Serbian culinary delights to go

Belgrade has a great choice of street food. Naturally, a good deal of it is international, even though it often has a local twist (for example pizza with kulen salami). Of Serbian fast food treats, grilled meats are ubiquitous, but no matter how good pljeskavica and ćevapčići might be, one cannot eat them more than once per day.

Enter “Shepherd’s Break” (Čobanov odmor). The name might sound pretentious for a kiosk in the middle of town and their rural decoration might seem out of place, but once you start munching you will realize that it’s all there for a reason. While most fast food joints (except grills) offer Serbian food as a side show, the people behind this place took various old local specialties and adapted them to modern needs.

Furthermore, “Čoban” takes pride in its tasty ingredients that really make a difference. To put it simply, their somun bread with kajmak cream or sudžuk salami, or their komplet lepinja (bun with cream, eggs and meat gravy) will put to shame all “Serbian” sandwiches you’ve tried before. For an additional kick, get something with mangulica meat (made from an old type of pig whose meat is exceptionally low on cholesterol).

Note that the menu is quite extensive for such a small place and includes several dishes for which you will have to sit down and use a spoon or a fork and knife. However, do not hesitate a minute since no matter what you try, this place will deliver. Prijatno!

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Details about this spot



Vojvode Šupljikca 34, Belgrade

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Opening Times

24 hours daily


Komplet lepinja: RSD 240


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