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Čobanov ‘lad – I’m a local-patriot

Every one of us is, and every one of us always will be, a bit local-patriotic. I don’t see anything bad in that. On the contrary. You have to love the place where you were born and raised.

The place I was born and raised is a part of Belgrade called Karaburma. The name comes from old Turkish times and, as the story goes, Turks used to hang people here by putting black (kara) rings (burma) around their neck. There are a couple more stories about the name, but that’s not the main point right now.

The place I want to talk about is a restaurant called Čobanov ‘lad, and the literal translation would be “shepherd’s shade”. It is a place a couple of minutes away from my home and a place where I love to drink black-as-night Turkish coffee in the morning. I mean, we call it domestic, but it’s Turkish.

Čobanov ‘lad is also a place where you can really enjoy the shade of the trees while drinking coffee, beer or eating a meal. The restaurant’s concept is to put all the ethnic Serbian meals on it’s menu, along with other classical restaurant meals. I must say that I have never tried any, but while I was sitting there, I could smell all the flavours. It smells delicious, I can tell you that.

So, if you ever find yourself in Karaburma, make sure that you step by, I promise you won’t find anything better around.

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Details about this spot



Hoze Martija 26, Belgrade

Telephone number


Opening Times

07:00 - 23:00 daily


Sarma: RSD 400


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