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Super Donkey – Veggie hedonists welcome

The stories I could tell you about being a vegetarian in Belgrade! Stories about almost completely vegetable-free “vegetarian” meals, about meal-salads that wouldn’t satiate a parrot, or all those times I was offered chicken in restaurants (“but it’s not meat”, a well meaning waiter would say). I am telling you, I could write a book, only it would be as repetitive and bland as most of the vegetarian options in this carnival city, where a good night out is not complete without a 05:00 “pljeskavica” as a local form of meaty, greasy night cup.

Super Donkey is, miraculously, made by and for people who get that vegetarianism is not a form of self-imposed punishment, but rather a choice to enjoy vibrant, colorful, filling food with, well, taste. The charming little place in the center of the city is great for a quick, healthy and tasty lunch – to take away or enjoy on the spot – in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will find smoothies, wraps, sugar-free raw sweets, but my favorite are salads that really do make a great meal on their own: fresh, very tasty and highly enjoyable. Hint: try “Lebanese” if you like beetroot and walnuts, or “Puerto Rico” if you are, like me, crazy about all things coconut.

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Krunska 26, Belgrade

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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 21:00


Salad: RSD 360

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