Onkel Philipp Berlin

Image by Rafael Dujarric

Onkel Philipp – DDR’s toys store and museum

Superstores, big chains and the internet have made the independent shopkeeper an endangered species. But Uncle Phillipp is a big warrior that keeps surviving out of traditions, conjured up memories, toys you wouldn’t find in a big store, especially the ones from the old DDR, and a museum for the nostalgics.

In the ground floor there is a traditional toys shop, packed with nostalgic wooden toys. But there are also toys from the Star Wars saga, Cars and minions. And they even have some kites and bicycles. There are second-hand as well as new items.  

But besides buying classic toys, in some cases you could rent the second-hand ones, or get your broken toys repaired repair, exchange your old ones, modify them or just donate them.

Sometimes our kids get tired of playing with the same toys. So, from time to time we go to Uncle Phillipp to exchange our old toys for others that for the kids are new, or rent some for the kids to play with for a while.  That way, they never get bored. There’s always something “new” to play with.

You can also order any toy, but we haven’t tried it. And they even manage to deliver your order in the city.

The museum is in the basement, and the entrance fee is either 1€ or 1 marc from the DDR. Of course, if you had one you wouldn’t give it away as if it was 1€.

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Choriner Straße 35, Berlin

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Opening Times

Tue - Wed & Fri 09:30 - 18:30, Thu 11:00 - 20:00, Sat 11:00 - 16:00


Museum entry: € 1


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