Garcia Brussels

Image by Renata Riva

Garcia – Portuguese pasteis de nata

Have you ever been to Portugal? Have you ever tried pasteis de nata? Don’t you think they are one of the best small dessert ever?

I do, and if I lived in Portugal I would be double my weight by eating them every day.

Unluckily I don’t live down there but in Brussels, and here pasteis de nata are not available at every street corner.

However, I know where I can get my fix: I head to Garcia, I order a tea (they have a good selection now for us tea lovers!) and one pastel de nata. But one is never enough, it’s always at least 2.

They might not be as good as the ones in Portugal, but they are mouthwatering when you get them lukewarm and the cheapest option on a lazy Sunday.

If they are too sweet for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other food to choose from, like bifanas and pasteis de bacalhau, and it’s all cheap and delicious!

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Avenue de la Couronne 77, Brussels

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Opening Times

Thu - Mon 07:30 - 18:00


Pastel de nata: € 1.30


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