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Brussels is a city often snubbed by travelers or even locals; I have a soft spot...

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1. Warning – this is quite the girly article

2. Confession – I’m a beauty product addict

Creams, masks, smells, exfoliants, make-up; I’ll try anything. I like the idea of taking care of myself, of women (and men of course!) enhancing their natural beauty, finding ways to feel good about themselves, especially during the long winter (Brussels’ sun-deprived) periods. The cosmetic industry can be daunting and over-the-top, leaving us to wonder what products are best for us, what kind of *crap* we are putting on our body.

Therefore, I wanted to write about MAKESENZ, a cute and zen little shop in the ever-so-trendy Chatelain area, that follows the concept of re-inventing natural and organic cosmetics. A return to the basics of cosmetics, no miracle solutions, just raw and authentic ingredients and products, personalised advice; accessible and respectful beauty and wellness. They sell products from different organic, vegan and slow cosmetic labels, and have their own MAKESENZ brand, handmade with love in Belgium.

In addition to their adorable boutique and inspiring philosophy, I like MAKESENZ because they also offer workshops where a few registered participants can learn how to make their own home cleaning products, personalized face creams, solar products, soap, shampoos… I’ve never attended one, but it’s been on my Brussels bucket list for a while. Maybe someone’s been to one and can comment?

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Sarah from Brussels

Sarah Filion photo

Brussels is a city often snubbed by travelers or even locals; I have a soft spot...

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Rue Simonis 60, Brussels

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Mon - Wed & Fri 11:30 - 18:30, Sat 10:30 - 18:30, some workshops in the evening


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