Bocca Lupo Bucharest

Image by Alexandru Olteanu

Bocca Lupo – Authentic Italian restaurant

The coolest Italian restaurant in Bucharest is at the edge of one of the most expensive neighbourhoods, Cotroceni. It is located in a building which has housed restaurants for longer than I can remember but until ‘Bocca Lupo’ the success of the place was questionable.

From the outside, it doesn’t say much but I’m sure you will notice all the small design details which combined contribute to the unique atmosphere. At the entrance, the door handles are rolling pins (stirrers) and further along your way you’ll see a yellow ‘Fiat’ which is used as a working table for pizza making. You read it right, they have a proper car inside the restaurant. Behind the ‘Fiat’ is the traditional wood oven. I’m always fond of restaurants which have an oven like this because the smoke from the fire enhances the pizza flavour.

I’ve tried several of their dishes and I like them all. The restaurant can offer much more than pizza so if you want to try it, enjoy the taste of ‘Risotto with Shrimp’ which is among my favourites. The service is good so tip accordingly. (10-12%)

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no. 1, Dr. Joseph Lister, Bucharest

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 08:30 - 00:00, Sat 09:30 - 00:00, Sun 11:00 - 23:00


Dinner & drink: Leu 75


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