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Eszter Baracskai

About me
When you arrive at a place that is new to your eyes, you perceive everything more intensely and discover many little details of the spot. It evokes all kinds of feelings and there you find yourself in a whole new atmosphere. This sensation fills me up each time I bump into a unique new place.

There are however some spots that trigger this effect each time I visit them. I love to take people to these little bubbles, that are for some reason special to me, and see how they perceive the novelty of them. It’s almost like a hobby of mine in a way. I like to be out most of the time, being around different people and being on the run. I enjoy learning languages, and through that, new cultures as well. I moved to Budapest for my studies in 2016. Right now, I’m doing my master’s on Cultural Diplomacy in German. As you might guess from my studies, I’m very much into arts and cultural events of every kind. I’m lucky to have a big group of inspiring friends with similar interests that never ceases to be active in the scene.

Why Budapest
Before moving to Budapest I had long been hesitating among different cities, but without being able to explain the exact reasons, Budapest won my heart over. So, I chose this city to live in and within a very short time it opened up a whole new world for me.

Budapest is a place where you can quickly find yourself and your chosen places, people, subcultures and by that being in a mutually inspiring environment and getting good chances to be involved in whatever you would like to be in. It has several faces as it is big enough to embrace diverse people, but is also easy to get to know. Since it has several universities, the youth plays a significant role in the city’s general vibe. There is always a lot going on here, you just have to know where to look, because the best parts are often hidden.

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