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Auróra – Home for the most diverse

Auróra is a place to create, attend workshops or talks, concerts parties, rituals or host civil organisations, NGOs and make big concepts from small perspectives real. Auróra is the big survivor of the district and of controversial political ideas. Although it’s fighting its battles almost continuously, it is still there, open and ready to provide home for very different events in its cozy spaces.

When I first entered this place, I was around 18 years old and the number of impressions I was perceiving was overwhelming. Coming from a small town, it was the first time I had entered such a living, active house with the most diverse activities.

I remember I was already surprised that I had to ring the bell to get in.

Once you enter, you find yourself in Aurora’s lovely interior garden. If you get to visit Auróra, it’s worth it to take a big walk around and check out every little corner of the place. Upstairs is the main bar and kitchen serving all kinds of drinks and some food. If you keep going, you’ll find some rooms behind rooms, sometimes filled with colourful happenings. Then check out the basement: this is where you can often enjoy live music. If you are there, keep looking, you might find some surprising little spaces.

The best tip: if you look up a fun event and go then, so you can see the Auróra at its fullest.

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Details about this spot



Auróra u. 11, Budapest

Opening Times

12:00 - 22:00 daily


Beer: HUF 750


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