Bubi Budapest

Image by Eszter Baracskai

Bubi – Bikes all around the city

Wherever you walk in Budapest, there are now Bubi bike stations everywhere! Isn’t it wonderful?!

Anyone can rent a bike pretty much anywhere and anytime for only a little money. The distances in Budapest are not to be underestimated, and since I’m not a fan of public transportation, I find it amazing that there are newly prepared Bubi bikes all around the city, waiting to be taken for a ride. They are easy to recognize from their vivid green colour.

The concept is simple: similar to many other cities, you download the app, register and hop on the bike and take it to a near Bubi spot from your destination. Cycling is a good way to avoid traffic jams in the inner city and to spare some money while getting to places very quickly. If, for instance, you buy a monthly ticket for less than 2 Euros, you can use the bike for an entire month. On each occasion, you need to put it back to any station within half an hour – after 30 minutes of continuous use, slight additional costs are incurred.

Watch out, on sunny days it’s sometimes tricky to find bikes if you don’t check in advance.

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Details about this spot



Városháza Park, Budapest

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Monthly fee: HUF 500


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Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)