Hidden Monument Budapest

Image by Zoltan Fejes

Hidden Monument – By the famous Imre Makovecz

If a you walk in Buda, on Dózsa György square, you may see many interesting sights. You can admire the west side of the castle (which is not seen on postcards, but it’s much more monumental), you can look at the Dózsa György memorial, and you can see the slopes of Tabán.

You might also see an iron-concrete box with a barbed wire top. I think this is the most interesting monument in Budapest.

“1944-1990 – To remember those who did not die, but their lives were ruined” – this is the inscription on the side of the box, which is partially open. A broken man is sitting behind the bars in front of a mirror. If you stay there, you will see the back of the man and yourself.

In this situation I have two painful feelings: that I am in the cell too, but maybe I could place my hand on the man’s shoulder, or on the other hand I am the guardian of this human wreck.

This is not an official statue. It was made by private order (Edit Rázsó).

It shows that in Hungary we still can’t face our past…

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