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Hintaló – The endearingly mad bar

The 8th district of Budapest is probably the most exciting and most controversial part of this pulsing city – for many many reasons. This is where the ghetto meets the new freedom of brave, innovative and creative thoughts. A vital characteristic of the 8th was, and in a way still is, the unique bars of it. Some of them have enormous character. One such place for me is Hintaló. Like some other cult places of the 8th, Hintaló also has a very strong and active crew behind it with a lot of energy and willingness to create and to really LIVE.

It’s a very cozy bar on two floors. In Hintaló you can find some quality local beers or even try the legendary spirit of Budapest that became so popular in such bars in the last few years called Tubi. Ask it as a shot or with a soda, it is different from anything else most of us have tried before.

As mentioned, the crew is extremely kind and somehow they seem to be having fun all the time, which spreads to the guests in seconds. If it wasn’t enough reason to visit this crazy little bar, there is even live music here at night sometimes. Wonderful local artists play here for the amusement of themselves and the people around, creating an intense, stunning atmosphere among the warm colors of the bar.

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Details about this spot



Bacsó Béla utca 15, Budapest

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 17:00 - 01:00


Beer: HUF 750


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