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Aquarium Grotto Garden – Beauty of nature

Aquarium Grotto Garden is located in Zamalek and was established by Khedive Ismail in the year 1867. More than 145 years later, Khedawy Ismail decided to establish this aquarium.

It had been a place for kings and princes only. In 1902 it opened for the public for the first time, under supervision of the central administration for zoos.

The park contains 49 aquariums of diverse and rare Nile, marine and starfish fish. At the front of the garden, there is a large basin that contains predatory fish such as sharks. There is also a panoramic display section where it displays some mummified fish.

The building that contains the aquariums has a beautiful design style resembling a cave and sunlight reflects in it through the top openings, which give it a beautiful view and atmosphere. I can wander between caves and passages and enjoy the green areas that contain trees specially brought from Madagascar, Australia and Thailand. The ultimate moment of relaxation for me here is when I bring my favorite beverage, and enjoy some reading or coloring between the green areas there. It’s spot also suitable for relaxation and time for yourself.

Tuesday closed. Free entry fee for children under 4 years old.

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El Gabalaya Street - Zamalek area, Cairo

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Wed - Mon 09:00 - 17:00


Entry fee: LE 20

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