Bayt Al Sinnari Cairo

Image by Osama Abdelrahman

Bayt Al Sinnari – Home of arts

Bayt Al Sinnari is one of the oldest houses in Islamic Cairo; it was built in 1794 by Ibrahim Al-Snari, one of the richest Cairo people of the time. Later, it was used as housing for the French scientists and artists who came to Cairo with Napoléon Bonaparte while they were working on the famous book Description de l’Égypte. It was also used as a museum under the name Bonaparte Museum until 1933. Since the Egyptian revolution, it has been used by the Egyptian Scientific Institute.

Every time I go there, I feel amazed by how comfortable I feel inside this building from the wide spaces that give the chance to the air to move smoothly from room to room. I also really enjoy standing in the famous wooden windows.

Moreover, you can enjoy various kinds of activities in it, such as yoga training, drawing, storytelling workshops, acting, embroidery, learning different types of Arabic alphabets and musical concerts, especially of Arab music. Personally, I have tried the yoga training and it was a good experience, compatible with this calm place.

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Haret Mongi, Cairo

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Sun - Tue 10:00 - 18:00


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