NVIC Cairo

Image by Rym Abduljalil

NVIC – The place with no boundaries

Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut in Cairo defines itself as an academic center that mainly focuses on the fields of Arabic & Islamic studies, Egyptology, Archaeology, and Papyrology. The other side of the center acts as a community cultural college.

It pays no attention to nationality, gender or beliefs, whether portrayed out loud or deeply rooted and hidden. This place knows no boundaries.

How did I manage to find out about this place?

Back in 2014, my manager at the time suggested that I apply for a journalism workshop under the supervision of Kieskompas and the Free University of Amsterdam.

I decided at the time that I was no longer pursuing my career in journalism, yet that did not mean I had to quit my relationship with NVIC. How I felt towards the place was mutual. A year later, I got re-invited to attend a follow-up workshop. Although I had different interests at the time, I was encouraged to re-meet with the friends I’d made the previous year.

Open hearts and smiles are the primary elements of NVIC and it’s what has made me attend uncountable movie screenings, lectures about various life interests and visit the amazing library, which has a huge, wide selection of books.

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Details about this spot



1 Dr. Mahmoud Azmi street, Cairo

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Sun - Thu 09:00 - 15:00


Cup of coffee: LE 40


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