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Zooba Restaurant – Eat like Egyptians

Egypt is very famous for its cuisine, especially the street-food breakfast dishes that are served each morning and are frequently the same for 99% of Egyptian citizens.
Zooba restaurant offers local Egyptian street food breakfast dishes but in a clean indoor dining place. That is my impression every time I go dining there.

One of the very good choices I tried were the ful: “fresh fava beans soaked then slow-cooked for almost 12 hours”; the taameya,“a dish of spiced mashed chickpeas with parsley, celery, vegetables and other spices formed into balls or fritters and deep-fried, usually eaten with or in pita bread “, the shakshoukascrambled eggs with tomato, onion and parsley “and finally an eggplant salad as a side dish.

And -of course- the typical Egyptian breakfast picture would not be complete without having the big Egyptian dark tea cup for the end of the breakfast meal.

Zooba restaurant has many other local dishes for lunch and dinner, although their breakfast is still their best.

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26 July Street, Cairo

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Sun - Thu 08:00 - 23:00, Fri - Sat 07:00 - 23:00


Dish of ful: LE 15


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