Block 37 Chicago

Image by Claire Conway

Block 37 – A modern mall

I am a public transportation enthusiast. I long ago chose not to have a car in Chicago. Before Block 37 was built that meant from time to time I longed for the days I could drive to a mall in the suburbs and wander in and out of stores hoping to find inspiration for a fun weekend outfit.

Chicago is not lacking in shopping options but in the winter months it can get annoying walking from store to store on Michigan Ave, taking off your coat, putting on your coat, and shaking off snow from your boots. So when Block 37 opened on top of both a blue-line and red-line EL train stop, I became able to pop into several of my favorite stores that include Akira, Zara and Sephora, all of which are in Block 37. I will then get right back on the red line that drops me 2 blocks from home.

Block 37 also has a dine-in movie theatre which although it’s a bit more expensive I find myself enjoying, particularly on Monday evenings, when transporting myself into a different reality is most appealing.

When you walk into Block 37 from Randolph Street, there are three words above the entrance that sum up the space: Food. Fashion. Film.

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North State Street 108, Chicago

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10:00 - 20:00 daily


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