High Five Ramen Chicago

Image by Sydney Epstein

High Five Ramen – Underground ramen bar

With all of the buzz and accolade surrounding this hot spot, I was shocked to find the restaurant (literally) hidden in the basement of the notorious Green Street Meets. Surprisingly enough, however, the hidden location does not make this spot any less known to ramen enthusiasts and local diners alike. This was made apparent with the 45 minute wait time.

Once our time came and we were seated, I was more than ready to try the spot’s signature servings. With a short menu and quick service, we had our bowls in front of us in no time. Whether it was my hunger driving my enthusiasm or not, I was blown away after my first bite, as it immediately surpassed all preconceived ideas I had of typical ramen.

The most unique feature of High Five’s traditional dish is the broth. Dark and rich in color, the Tonkotsu-style soup combines miso, sesame, nori and Japanese chilis to create a delectable base for each ramen bowl.

Surprisingly enough, though, my favorite part of the dish was not the broth, but the contents swimming in the bowl – specifically, the sliced pork belly. Tender and juicy, each bite of pork was delicious enough to where I found myself fishing through the soup for more. Unfortunately, the size of the dish worked against me and I had to tap out with almost a full half portion of the soup remaining. Nevertheless, the portion I did eat was enough to get me on board this food fad.

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112 N Green St, Chicago

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Sun - Mon 18:00 - 21:00, Tue - Wed 18:000 - 00:00, Thu - Sat 18:00 - 01:00


Signature ramen: USD 14


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