Amagergade Copenhagen

Image by William Nordmark Nielsen

Amagergade – Street of nostalgia

All cities have their places and streets that are famous for various reasons. In the neighbourhood of Christianshavn, there is a narrow street which most Copenhageners and Danes know of. 

Amagergade is a narrow street located in the south-eastern end of Christianshavn very close to “Voldene”, the old fortresses of Copenhagen. Amagergade is characterized by small and narrow houses giving the streets its cozy and intimate atmosphere. These characteristics are the reason why I love this street. 

The reason why this street rings a bell for most Danes is because Amagergade is the main location of the TV series “Huset på Christianshavn”. Huset på Christianshavn, which was recorded in 1970-1977 follows some of the local population in a house in Amagergade. This series became quite popular in Denmark and put Amagergade on the map. I don’t know if Amagergade would have the same atmosphere if I didn’t have the mental picture of that TV series. 

Maybe Amagergade just has that special room, space and atmosphere like the rest of the neighbourhood it’s situated in: Christianshavn.

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Amagergade, Copenhagen

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