Stelling Copenhagen

Image by William Nordmark Nielsen

Stelling – When you feel artistic

Whenever I have a moment to spare, I like to paint. I started painting as a hobby around one and a half years ago, and that’s when I discovered how little I know about painting. I did not know anything about the technique, what types of colours existed and what brushed to use and on which materials they would work best. I especially did not know any stores that were specialised within the world of art and I found it hard to come across the materials that I needed. But then I found Stelling Copenhagen in the heart of the inner city of Copenhagen.

Here you will find almost everything your heart desires when it comes to art and painting. The reasons I come here on my own personal hunt for artistry articles is the quantity first of all; you will find almost anything and everything. Here you can find canvas in odd sizes. Then, most importantly, the staff has an immense knowledge about the things that they sell in the store. Therefore, you can be guided and have a talk with the shop assistants about what exactly you need, why you need it and more concretely how you should use it.

Even if you haven’t gotten in touch with your artistic and creative side yet, a visit to Stelling is fun and full of colors and never-before-seen instruments.

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Amagertorv 9, Copenhagen

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Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 16:00


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