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Image by Aroon Nagersheth

Galerie Rundgænger – Explore the newcomers of art

The middle part of Niddastraße, the small dead end street off Karlstraße in the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel is not one of the nicest spots in the city – probably just the contrary! But the few local shops and businesses (like 25hours Hotel and Bar Shuka) are working hard on changing this image and making even this little street worth visiting. I’ve indeed started going there quite often now.

Since 2015, Daniel and Ralf have been running their Art Gallery Rundgænger in the heart of the off-quarter, concentrating on promoting fine art by German art college graduates. They regularly present one or two artists at a time and dedicate their shows to selected subjects. Daniel spends a lot of his time visiting the annual exhibitions (called „Rundgänge“) of the best German art colleges, is an expert and has a great vocation to spot upcoming new talents and potential rising stars of the German art scene. Depending on the featured artist, they show different variations of art by young artists.

Now with their new additional Gallery “Schierke Seinecke” directly next door, they have more flexibility in showing even more contemporary young international artists working in and across all media.

Rundgænger and “Schierke Seinecke” also offer late evening openings every Thursday, which I feel is the perfect time after work for a walk around through the small, but very fine, galleries. Chat with the gallerists, learn more about the art presented and admire the fancy, modern and reductivist style of the galleries.

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Wed - Fri 15:00 - 18:00, Thu 19:00 - 21:00, Sat 12:00 - 15:00 and by appointment


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