Hafenpark Frankfurt

Image by Nina Kristin Gür

Hafenpark – Public spot for sports and relaxation

With the construction of Europäische Zentralbank (EZB), the city of Frankfurt also started to develop the eastern part of the riverside into a recreational area which has become a highlight among Frankfurt’s outdoor activity options.

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With its skate park and sports courts including fields for basketball and badminton/volleyball with a wonderful view, and the green belt around the sports courts, the Hafenpark has become a great spot for both families and sports groups. Fantastic areas for children including water playgrounds are a great destination for a walk, and further workout areas such as circuits or pull-up parcours offer many options to challenge yourself if you haven’t had enough yet.

Some sports groups which meet there on a regular basis for workouts have formed as well. Just type in “Hafenpark” on Facebook and you will find some of them.

If you happen to stay long enough in the late afternoon on a bright day, the atmosphere becomes magic when the sun sets and the sky turns pink.

For those who’d rather watch others being active, the nearby “Oosten” restaurant is a good place, or the less crowded “Kunstverein Familie Montez” right at the bridgehead of Honsell bridge behind the sports courts and combines music acts and art exhibitions as well as small offer of drinks and cakes.

I love ending my day with a run from there along the riverside back into the city while watching the sun go down.

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Hafenpark, Frankfurt

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24 hours daily


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