S-Bahn Taunusanlage Frankfurt

Image by Aroon Nagersheth

S-Bahn Taunusanlage – The ups of Deutsche Bank

The design and architecture of Frankfurt’s S-Bahn- and Underground stations are not as exciting and fancy as in many other metropoles of the world. But I really like some of them: Zoo for the design and Westend for the arches, Ostend for the murals and I keep discovering more.

S-Bahn Station Taunusanlage directly in front of the headquarters of Deutsche Bank is a typical construction from the late ’70s. When it was refurbished and modernized in 2015, a small art space (Ebene-B1) was added in one of the levels under the streets of Frankfurt! Different local artists get the chance to present their work here in changing exhibitions during the year. Check it out!

One oddity and a story worth telling about S-Bahn Station Taunusanlage is its street-level signage. Whilst all around Frankfurt a typical blue sign on the street level indicates where the stairs go down by a figure walking down the stairs, something is different here. Only here in front of Deutsche Bank, the pictogram shows two figures! One walking down, and a second one walking up!

Myth and unconfirmed mystery say that people mocked Deutsche Bank’s for its business “going down” when the original sign was put there. No one knows, but somehow during the renovations, the blue cube was changed to the unique signage and now better also reflects the “ups” of Deutsche Bank!

But as we all know: what goes up must come down! Come and see this unique sign in town!

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