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Rahul Jha

About me
I work as Programme Officer in the United Nations lead agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) – International Telecommunication Union in the General Secretariat. I have been a part of the team organizing one of the oldest running tech conferences.

I am a Telecommunication Engineer and a Marketeer from a leading Business school in India and have worked in Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericsson in the past. Some of my passion include following and supporting Digital Inclusion Projects. I am an ICT trends enthusiast interested in emerging products/services/solutions. I enjoy an active lifestyle with an interest in sports, travel and learning new languages. I speak English and French, in addition to 4 Indian languages.

I turned vegan in 2019 for health benefits and to support actions against climate change.

Why Geneva
I have come up with an interesting sentence that I often tell guests or friends visiting my city: you can either buy an around-the-world flight ticket to see the world or just stay in Geneva and let all those people come here and meet you. The presence of the permanent missions of the countries and the United Nations especially ensures that all 200+ countries of the world have some sort of representation in the city – and you never know which country’s inhabitant you might bump into at the next house party you attend.

Where else can you find me online?

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