Hug a Tree Ghent

Image by Tijl Vereenooghe

Hug a Tree – Rare plane tree

In the middle of the Van Duyseplein I often pass by one of Ghent’s best known trees. A gigantic plane tree dominates the landscape. It is a distinctive eye-catcher and is the center of the square. In 2013, the tree became protected heritage. As a result, the preservation of the popular tree is now ensured. The tree was planted in the 19th century and still exists. Only when it dies will this icon disappear.

Standing trees of such size and strength of presence are rare. The location, right in the middle of the students’ area, makes it even more unique to me. This plane tree’s image is still quite representative, and I just love its mature, solitary look.

Want to become Facebook friends with our famous tree? You can kiss or hug the plane tree and post your photo on the Facebook account of Visit Ghent. You see, even anonymous trees can cause huge internet hype!

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Prudens van Duyseplein, Ghent

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24 hours daily

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