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Image by Yoga-on-call, Dolly Voeten

Yoga-on-call – De-stress like a local

Discovering Ghent is very exiting, but sometimes you just might enjoy a moment for yourself. Here you maybe find what you’re looking for if you need a break while you’re visiting the capital of Eastern Flanders.

Yoga-on-call is a contemporary yoga studio in the heart of Ghent. They recently moved to two brand new spacious rooms. Don’t expect a spiritual setting, but a very straight forward, dynamic and sportive kind of yoga. All of the teachers are very enthusiastic and helpful. Normally lessons are in Dutch, but actually you don’t need much language to follow. The teachers are also helpful in English, if necessary.

This city gives me plenty of energy and since I discovered yoga I realize there are different ways how to deal with energy. A moment away from the hustle and bustle of every-days life helps me recharging. This spot is the perfect place to do so!

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Oudescheldestraat 16, Ghent

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