Swimming pool Van Eyck Ghent

Image by Nick Provoost

Swimming pool Van Eyck – Back to the good old days

Not many people realize that at this place they are swimming in the oldest covered swimming pool in Flanders. In Ghent all public baths closed down in the 16th century, but with the industrialization of the 19th century the need for more hygienic circumstances became stronger.

The Van Eyck swimming pool was built in 1886 and in the early days it was only used in summer as a swimming pool. Today it meets all modern and hygienic needs as it has been recently renovated.

Most likely you’ll have a shower in your hotel or B&B, but if you decided to sleep under one of the Ghent bridges and still want to take a hot shower in the morning, this is your place to be. The cellar is filled with private baths and showers, still used today for people who do not have a bathroom at home.

As this is the only public swimming pool in the city center, this is the place where I swim my weekly kilometer. The only problem is that everyone is excited about this spot that it easily gets overcrowded. But who cares, this is your chance to swim in a really nice swimming pool!

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