Tierenteyn Mustard Ghent

Image by Nick Provoost

Tierenteyn Mustard – Just one of the local products

Mustard exists in a broad variety, but Tierenteyn Verlent is a variety which you have to try out. Just go inside, pick out a size of bowl and they will fill it up with mustard. The barrel is standing beside the counter and is filled with freshly made mustard, direct from the cellar. The mustard is quite strong with a very honest taste. The shop is here since 1790 and I don’t know anybody who was disappointed after buying something here.

When I’m going abroad I don’t take Belgian chocolates anymore. In the mean time you can find them everywhere. This local product is a real specialty on which my foreign friends are very keen. If you wish to take some home for yourself, friends or family and if you´re travelling by plane, make sure not to put it in your hand luggage. Not because the mustard is dangerous, but because it´s considered as liquids. I speak from experience.

After trying out Tierenteyn Mustard you will never think of Dijon anymore when thinking of mustard.

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Groentenmarkt 3, Ghent

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon 10:00 - 18:00, Tue - Sat 09:30 - 18:00


Small bowl: € 1.55


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