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Caterina Carpenzano

About me”
My name is Caterina but most people call me Cat. I was born in Sicily, Italy and I got to live and travel all around Itlay since I was 9 months old!
After high school, I moved to Glasgow where I have been living permanently since 2014. Here I have completed my master’s in Product Design Engineering and I’ve had the chance to connect with locals and people from all over the world.

I am a food lover and I enjoy the outdoors. I love going on hikes and spontaneous trips around Scotland which in most cases end up in hitchhiking to find shelter from the rain!

During my adventures (both solo and non) I met many cool people which now are some of my best friends! I now refer to Glasgow as my second home. I like to spend my free time exploring nearby coffee shops, pop-up businesses, exhibitions and generally getting lost.

Why Glasgow
I love Glasgow because it has so much character, it is so international, and it always has a cool vibe going on.

Despite being a very cold city, I learned to love the weather and enjoy the 4 seasons in one day! Glasgow has so much to offer to individuals who are prepared to embrace the weather and it will reward you with pretty sunsets and dry days if you are lucky! The food options are endless as the restaurants and cafes offer a variety of cuisines which will let you go around the globe in a day.

The people are super friendly, and it is true what they say: “People make Glasgow”. The city has plenty of green areas to offer, perfect for a break to sit back and enjoy some people watching or simply reading a book or wandering around parks.

I also love the fact that you don’t really need a car to move around since most places are within walking distance. However, for some more exploration, you’ll have to rely on public transport, which is easy to use and always on time. You can always rent a city bike or a car if you are brave enough to embrace driving on the wrong side of the road!

The city allows me to be spontaneous since I don’t need to do much planning to have great adventures and you can get lost in a forest in less than an hour!

Where else can you find me online?”

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