Milion Stone Istanbul

Image by Zekeriya S. Sen

Milion Stone – The Starting point

This piece of stone or pillar dates back to the Constantinian period. It was excavated during the late 1950’s. Unfortunately it’s erected on a sidewalk and most of the time it goes unseen or unnoticed. But it’s one of the most important monuments of the ancient period that draws attention from history lovers like me.

It is said to mark the spot from which distances were measured and where the word “mile” thrived from but this has not been proven officially. Once a part of a tetrapylon (four tall piers supporting a vault) it now consists of a marble pier and a pavement. It’s just beside the underground cistern and facing St. Sophia. During your visit, take a moment and have a photo taken there, there where all distances start.

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Details about this spot



Divan Yolu Cd No:2, Istanbul

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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