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Origami enthusiast. Lisbon is a beautiful, hundred year old puzzle made of old n...

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Personally, I’m not a usual fan of fancy or trendy restaurants; nor expensive ones. For me, going to a restaurant is a two part experience of sharing moments with the people you are with and enjoying good food. That’s why my choice of restaurant will usually be an unpretentious and simple place where I can chat with friends and feel like I’m at a friend’s house.

Occasionally I have different and special motivations to choose the restaurant I’m going to. That’s when “Frade dos Mares” comes in. My girlfriend’s favourite restaurant and the first choice for celebrating our anniversary in a cosy, friendly and exquisite atmosphere.

I first went to “Frade dos Mares” several years ago for a special occasion and both me and my girlfriend fell in love with this place. From the start, the treatment is very friendly and comfortable; I get the feeling of joy from all of the waiters and the overall atmosphere is not cold but rather cosmopolitan and light. The room is well decorated and the customers are a mix of Portuguese and foreign with ages starting in the late twenties.

The food here is another experience… A “chef’s” cuisine beautifully served and brilliantly cooked. The same goes for the desserts with some surprising creations. The wine selection has also been well thought out and the waiters are always available to help you choose if you’re having some doubts.

For a very reasonable price, this is a great gem and a worthy experience.

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Alexandre from Lisbon

Alexandre Cotovio photo

Origami enthusiast. Lisbon is a beautiful, hundred year old puzzle made of old n...

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Avenida Dom Carlos I 55, Lisbon

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 - 15:00 & 20:00 - 23:30 daily


Meal per person: € 25


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