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Image by Peter Hoffer

Design Museum – Form a straight line

Beautiful design is not just about making things pretty; it’s about being innovative, mindful of resources and user-focused. These rules are not just focused on a single art form – what’s true in website design is also true in sculpture. What I really enjoy about the Design Museum is that it invites visitors to focus on all forms of the design process, not just the end. You’re not just a spectator at a product launch; you’re involved at every step of the creative process.

The exhibitions at the Design Museum are an eclectic mix – one visit you may see the best of women’s fashion, the next time you may be introduced to the details of architecture in Asia. Often (but not always) you may get to interact with the displays, especially if the designers are keen to show you how user-friendly their products are. 

After leaving the museum, it will be difficult to look at any building, gadget or dress the same way again. The Museum recently moved to west London (conveniently located near Holland Park). As if you needed another reason to visit!

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224-238 Kensington High Street, London

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10:00 - 17:45 daily


Admission: £ 12.70


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