Formaje Madrid

Image by Andrea Lucy Roberts

Formaje – Chamberi cheesery

When I spotted Formaje while walking home the other day, it looked like an Aladdin’s Cave of golden cheesy wonder – walking through the door was magical and the smell… mmm!

I haven’t been going out much over the last year – you know why. On the plus side, Madrileños have discovered, if unwillingly, the joys of fine dining at home. If nothing else we have saved a lot of money we might otherwise have spent in bars and restaurants and so can afford the odd splurge on foodie goodies. My splurge of choice is cheese.

Now I must mention Joanna by name – it is so unusual to have a North American serving in a shop in Madrid and this lovely lady shared her knowledge and passion for cheese with us so delightfully; it really enhanced the experience. If you’re lucky you might find her there!

As well as a fabulous selection of European cheeses, they also sell wine and olives and such. Shout out for the sourdough baguettes so delicious apparently that I didn’t even get to taste mine – my son wolfed down the entire thing within 5 minutes of me getting through the door!

I took four cheeses home with me; this time my favourite was from Bavaria: organic, cows milk and covered in the fragrant dried petals of flowers picked in the fields where the cattle graze. A beautiful and delicious cheese I must say.

l am planning my next visit to Formaje very soon – maybe I’ll see you there!

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Plaza de Chamberí, 9, Madrid

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 21:00


250g cheese: € 6


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