Café Jekemir Mexico City

Image by Ana Cristina Chávez

Café Jekemir – Take a (coffee) break from the chaos

One of my favorite spots in the Historic Center is the plaza right in front of Regina Coeli Parish. It’s one of the few places where I’m able to take refuge from the chaos that predominates in the area (except on weekends, when every single street of this neighborhood is just crazy). Next to this temple, you’ll find one of the most traditional cafés: Café Jekemir.

It’s not only located in a very privileged spot, but they also offer the best coffee in the area. It has such a relaxed atmosphere, that it attracts all kinds of people: retired men that read the paper on their own, groups of students from the university around the corner, couples of all ages… You’ll notice how special the building is. It used to be part of a 16th-century cluster.

To make this more interesting, let me add that Café Jekemir was created at the end of the 1930s by one of the many Lebanese that came to Mexico during the 20th century. So here one can also have an Arab coffee and find Lebanese products. I recommend sitting outside and enjoying the view of the church. Also, if you have a sweet tooth like me, you cannot miss their corn muffin called in Spanish pastel de elote. It’s absolutely delicious!

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Details about this spot



Calle Regina 7, Mexico City

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 08:00 - 21:00


Coffee & muffin: MXN 70


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