Mikasa Mexico City

Image by Grupo Mikasa

Mikasa – A taste of real Japan

If nobody had ever told me about this place, maybe I wouldn’t ever realize it was there. Located in the heart of the north side of Roma, Mikasa is the best place for sushi & Japanese cuisine lovers. This place is owned by a small group of Japanese old men. You can hear them screaming in a foreign language all the time. It’s a place for those who want more than just to eat some food — it’s also for the ones that love to cook.

Mikasa is composed by many different sections and you can find something amazing everywhere. My favorite part is the supermarket, full of the most exotic ingredients and condiments from the authentic Japanese cuisine. There you can find vegetables, all kinds of rice, fish, meat, teas, seasoning salts and a lot of chocolates and candies. At the back of the supermarket there’s a small section of prepared food at the best prices: fried rice, tempura, onigiris and my favorite, the seaweed salad.

On the outside part of the place there are some tables so you can stay to eat some snack or a full meal. Here there’s a big offer of prepared food like all kind of instantly cooked meals like Udon or some gyozas. If you’re lucky to visit this place on the weekend, there’s a Japanese grill where you can eat some grilled octopus skewers, salmon or seasoned vegetables.

The prices are really affordable. It’s not a fancy place but it’s a wholesome experience.

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San Luis Potosí 173, Mexico City

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 19:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00


Tray of sushi: MXN 60


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