Plaza del Carillón Mexico City

Image by Rafael Murrieta

Plaza del Carillón – Chill and enjoy

The Carillón is a musical instrument composed of 42 bells, donated by Holland to Mexico in 1958 and inaugurated in 1961 on the Casco de Santo Tomás area. Currently, this piece of art is operating in Zacatenco belonging to the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. This plaza is surrounded by architectural pieces that create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. At night it gets full of color with lights changing their theme each month.

Since you’ll be already at Zacatenco, take some time to discover it. Towards the Biblioteca Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología you will find green areas where you can read, sleep, eat or whatever you want to do. On a sunny day, this place becomes a perfect rest area after a walk and, if you are thirsty, you can fill your bottle from a water purification plant that they have just next to the cultural center Jaime Torres Bodet, where they have daily cultural exhibitions.

If you are interested on what’s beyond our sky, this place has a planetarium where they project different films every day from 10:00 to 17:00, with the ticket at around 50 pesos. Besides the planetarium there are two different museums about our universe.

Once you have done the tour and would like to read a bit, the Library of Science and Technology, as its name implies, has endless books on these topics: from maps with geographic reliefs of Mexico to the most recent scientific books, you can stroll through all areas.

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Manuel de Anda y Barredo Nueva Industrial Vallejo, Mexico City

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