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Susanna Baggio (1985)

About me:
Hey everybody, this is Suzi. I’m a bank clerk and freelance writer/ editor with a taste for punk-rock music, vegetarian delicacies and craft beers. I was born and raised not far from the city and Milan was always the city I would look up to: it simply is the place to be! After getting my MA in English Lit and Translation I finally moved to Milan and I’ve been loving it ever since. On top of writing about the city for work, I’m a volunteer with the Global Greeter Organization: we offer free walking tours to those who want to get to know Milan through the eyes of a local. So you see where this all goes: keep your heart open, always be inspired by other cultures and, let me say it, go local!

Why Milan
Don’t let stereotypes warp your judgment: Milan is not only a city about finance and fashion. On the contrary: Milan’s packed with the most charming hidden gems, many creative adaptive re-use projects and the most vibrant city-life, with all sorts of events going on. It’s about time people started to appreciate all that Milan has to offer: Milan is an ever-changing city and one that never ceases to amaze me!

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